Cultivate Physician Leaders

Transforming Healthcare Organizations
One Physician Leader At A Time

Cultivate Physician Leaders

Transforming Healthcare Organizations
One Physician Leader At A Time

Is there a physician in your organization struggling in their leadership role?

Or are you a physician who is frustrated or overwhelmed in your leadership position?

This is not unusual. Healthcare leadership isn’t easy. It requires more than just clinical skills and operational knowledge. Physicians with an administrative leadership responsibility, whether they are the owner or partner of a larger practice, a department leader or medical director in a hospital, or an executive in a healthcare system, are in a unique role as an on-the-ground leader.

  • They have direct contact with the patient, the end consumer. Leaders in other industries rarely have that.
  • They combine two careers – their clinical practice and the administrative leadership role. The hats that they wear for each role are uniquely distinctive.
  • They are a leader of different teams with their own objectives.

Both careers required different and then again very similar skill sets and belief systems.

Even though they may have attended a physician leadership course in the past, they still feel that they are not fully equipped to confidently handle leadership challenges and successfully merge both roles. Or they are a physician executive who left the clinical role behind but now they struggle with the isolation that many medical executives experience once they move to the administrative side completely.

For the past twelve years, I have worked as physician coach helping physicians in various leadership positions implement the essential skills needed to succeed and thrive in their roles.



of physicians are engaged in non-physician-lead organizations.


of physicians are engaged in physician-lead organizations.


of physicians feel burned out.


of doctors feel unprepared for the business side of medicine.

Choose From Two Solutions

Leader Development Coaching Program

Physician leaders don’t have the time to study various leadership books or invest in multiple day seminars.
They need solutions quickly that are customized for their circumstances. They need a sounding board who gives them the space to source immediate strategies. They want confidentiality and a direct approach to create desired results.

This coaching program was designed to help leaders get more out of themselves, their leadership responsibility, and their lives. It’s the hub to bring out the best in them and make the best better. As a result, they will find capacities in themselves that have been largely untapped.

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Team Engagement Facilitation & Training

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it happens in the people. Often times leaders change their approach, use more effective skills and the team changes effortlessly. And sometimes it is the team that needs to be included in new conversations where they learn ways to restore trust, resolve old conflicts, and establish new rules of engagement and cooperation.

The team program is designed to help team members understand how to work better with each other. Its objective is to reduce conflict and improve work relationships. With less energy wasted on interpersonal challenges, the team can restore their enthusiasm and focus on its real work and objectives.
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Physicians who participated in these programs report

  • Improved emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Stronger leadership presence
  • Better team engagement, performance, and morale
  • Greater confidence because they now have a variety of cutting-edge tools and strategies to develop team members
  • More effective change management skills and attitude
  • Improved work-life balance and enriched job satisfaction
  • Better relationships and collaborative partnerships across the healthcare organization

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