There is a big need for individual physician leadership implementation programs

Many healthcare organizations have instituted physician leadership development programs inhouse; others send their physicians off to training courses.

This is a step in the right direction but often it is not enough to actually produce long-term change since they provide little time or support to process and implement the information.

There is a big difference in knowing what to do and doing what you know.  To really see and feel changes in performance after attending one of these programs, physicians will benefit from coaching support that allows them to apply customized tools and implement time-saving leadership behaviors in their workplace.

We offer two distinct coaching programs.

Leadership Development

Engaging in an individual leadership implementation program has a big advantage that leaders will

  • reduce their mistakes of implementing critical strategies
  • implement the most effective leadership practices just-in-time and hence improve their efficiency and results
  • voice their unique challenges in a confidential setting and create long-term solutions
  • identify their blindspots
  • save time because they will implement cutting-edge leadership tools that will make the difference in their area of work

Team Engagement Program

Implementing a team engagement program has the big advantage that teams will

  • restore their trust with their leader and each other
  • engage in healthier conversations that
  • learn cutting-edge communication and team building tools that build trust,
  • ensure that a stronger level of collaboration takes place when they work with their peers.
  • advance participants to the next level in terms of developing enhanced clarity, cooperation, and teamwork

The challenges facing today’s physician leaders and their teams are continually evolving and so must they.

Companies and healthcare providers that invest in continual learning and development gain a competitive advantage and reap the benefits of dynamic business leadership and significant performance improvements.

Both programs come with a return-on-investment measurement component so that companies are able to identify the direct ROI impact.

To learn about them, contact us here or call (770) 428-2334.