Are you a leader in healthcare who wants to take your leadership efforts and results to the next level?

My clients are in the following roles / situations:

Physicians, Clinicians, Surgeons

You have been contemplating to take on a leadership role for a while. If you do it, you want to do it right and apply best leadership practices from the get go.

Program Directors, Medical Directors, Department Chairs

You either were recently promoted or you have been serving in one of these roles for a while. Work is consuming you. You have a tough time balancing your clinical role, administrative responsibilities, and personal life.

Executives, Chiefs of Staff

You may be still practicing medicine part-time but your main responsibility is in the administrative sector. You feel isolated at times.

Healthcare Professionals

You are a member of a healthcare professional team or you are self-employed. Your workload and responsibility are enormous and you need to step up your leadership game if you want to sustain and thrive in it.
If you are serious about making a difference in your organization, improving the patient experience in your department, improving the collaboration with senior leadership, or increasing your staff engagement, please keep reading.

The challenges that my clients are experiencing can be categorized as follows:

Team / People Conflicts

You butt heads with key stakeholders in the organization more than you like. In discussions, you can’t always keep your emotions calm and your frustration leaks through. Also, there is a lot of interpersonal friction in your team and you want to address it effectively.

General Leadership Practices & Mindsets

You thought leadership would be easier. There is so much complexity to it that it robs you of your confidence. Often time you feel like you waste your time on unnecessary task that don’t prove high value to your area of responsibility.

Balancing Work and Life

You constantly think of work and are unable to separate yourself from it. At night or during the weekends, you catch up with emails and reading material. You rarely have time for exercise. You miss important family events because you cannot say no to work obligations. You think “it’ll get better soon”, but the stress keeps on mounting. How much longer will you be able to keep this pace?

Performance Pressure

Every day of your work week is booked to the last minute. You run from one meeting to the other, brief with cross functional team leaders, write emails, prepare presentations, give talks, strategize and review projects, and complete more paperwork. At the end of the day, your task list didn’t get much lighter and the next day is booked all over again.

Objectives of the Leadership Coaching Program

I have three primary objectives for clients in this program:

1. To uplevel your personal leadership and presence. The way you control stress, balance your life, show up at work, and take care of yourself has a big impact on how you are perceived and whether your team will be behind you.

2. To build strong relationships and alliances with the people you work with. The success of your leadership is visible in the people around you. Building trusting relationships with people around you is fundamental for leadership success.

3. To apply best leadership practices that lead to desired results. Whether you want to improve the engagement of your team, implement a new initiative, improve the patient experience in your department / practice, or restore relationships with key stakeholders, we will strategize your goals, match upleveled skills and implement new actions that lead to rapid results.

My guess is that’s what you want. I know that because I’ve worked with many physicians who wanted that. They were tired of struggling on their own and they needed a confidential setting where they could brainstorm ideas and discuss sensitive material.

These statements have been true for most of my clients. You are not alone.
Being in a leadership role can be challenging, frustrating, and intimidating. You are dealing with many personalities, egos, and information that it is hard to know what to decide in the right moment and how to work with certain people.

If you feel you may need leadership coaching this program may be right for you.

I’m Iris Grimm and I’ve been working with physicians, physician leaders and healthcare leaders for the last 14 years. During that time I’ve helped hundreds of clients to uplevel their leadership skills, reduce their stress levels, build strong coalitions, and experience more balance through all of it. There’s a very good chance I can help you as well.

This page gives a complete overview of how I work and the results you can expect.

This has been an invaluable experience for me. When I met Iris, I was overwhelmed with the demands of being in this leadership role and I was in serious “survival mode”. Even my personal life suffered from my absence and inability to catch up.

In this program, I learned a lot of new tools and approaches for my team and me to be more effective, solve problems quicker, and work towards common goals. Issues that I had been dragging around with me for months, suddenly got resolved. Each month I experienced how my load got lighter, and my enthusiasm for this role got stronger.

Iris is an amazing coach and provided me with the ability to develop and implement solutions that will work for a lifetime.

  • Chief Medical Officer, Atlanta, GA

What you can expect from this program

If we work together, you are going to see leadership in a whole new light. It won’t be a dreaded administrative role where you are pushing paper and (people) getting resistance from people around you.

As we work together you’ll start to experience the following:

More clarity of what it takes to be an inspiring and effective leader

More confidence in developing others and delegating tasks

More courage to connect with others and co-create solutions that you couldn’t imagine before

More focus in taking action and overcoming challenges

More understanding of what works and doesn’t work in leadership

More fun and joy in your role of leading your team and inspiring them to greater performance

Better results which will be determined by you.

Leadership doesn’t need to be drudgery and doesn’t need to be lonely. In fact, when you apply great leadership practices, it will become effortless and it will have a life-changing impact on you, your team, and your patients.

What deliverables will you get when we work together?

I work with you as an individual, understanding that you have specific needs, unique goals. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for anyone. You need your issues addressed directly with approaches that will work for your style, personality, and situation.

Therefore here are a couple of examples of results that my clients accomplished in this program:

Medical Director of a specialty group was able to restructure her entire work day so that she would leave the office each night at 6 pm and be home at a time where she could spend time with her husband at night.

Physician was given one year to advance his leadership skills so that he could get promoted in a medical director role; the promotion was executed just in 6 months.

Physician executive experienced a lot of friction and frustration with another executive. They were able to resolve their differences harmoniously and now they have a solid work relationship.

HR-Director of large hospital system was stretched too thin and was at the brink of burnout. She rallied her team around her, gave up some of the control, polished her leadership skills, and became a more valuable leader for the organization.


How is this program structured?

This is what our coaching relationship will look like.

  • The first meeting, which is free, generally covers you, your challenges, your goals, my methods, and if we match. If we do, we continue. It not, you have no obligation to continue.
  • I work with my clients typically for 6 months, 12 months or longer.
  • We will start out with an intensive (3- or 6-hour meeting) to jumpstart your progress and build momentum.
  • We’ll usually meet by Zoom Video, by phone or in person for an hour, usually twice a month.
  • We’ll engage in in-depth conversations where you will bring your issues, topics, and goals and I will assist you in creating solutions and overcome obstacles
  • When appropriate I will share proven leadership practices and ideas and provide you resources and materials to help you strengthen your leadership knowledge.
  • You’ll leave each session with clarity about what to work on next. I’ll hold you accountable and provide intermittent support if necessary.
  • You will have access to me by email and phone between sessions if needed. If you have a question, need a resource or want some quick feedback, you don’t need to wait until your next individual session.
  • You will complete a short worksheet before each session to let me know what progress you’ve made. This helps us get off to a fast start each meeting.

In addition, I provide the following services:

360 Feedback Interviews – I will engage important key stakeholders in confidential conversations to learn from them how you can uplevel your leadership.

Shadow coaching – I will observe your actions and approaches during team / executive meetings to provide you an outside perspective and additional insights.

What role will I play?

I take on various roles as we work together to maximize the outcome and results for you:

  • I’m a coach who creates the space and questions that open new insights and perspectives for you.
  • I’m a consultant who provides expert information and recommendations.
  • I’m a trainer and facilitator who teaches skills and practices.
  • I’m a trusted advisor who draws on 20+ years of business success
  • I’m a sounding board who provides a confidential setting to discuss sensitive topics.
  • I know what works and what it takes to be an outstanding leader.

By the way, I work with clients from all over the country. So as long as we can work out meeting times, distance is not an issue.

How do you know if working with me is right for you?

  1. You want to succeed in your leadership role and you want to learn better practices.
  2. You are ready and you will make the time to do what’s necessary to strengthen your leadership presence.
  3. You feel you need to work with someone in a very personalized way that will focus on your unique challenges and with a system proven to get results

But ultimately you can’t know if this program is right for you until we talk. I need to learn more about you and your leadership role for us to see if there’s a fit.

What is the next step to being in this program?

If you are ready to explore the Leadership Coaching Program, let’s schedule a complimentary intro conversation. Fill out the contact sheet below and I will get back with you within one business day with a worksheet and a link to my calendar. The worksheet will take only 15 minutes to complete and will give us both the focus and clarity what you want to work on and how we can maximize the outcome.