Meet Iris Grimm

Iris Grimm was born and raised in East Germany where she spent the first 19 years of her life. In 1989, after the Berlin Wall came down, she packed two suitcases and moved to West Germany where she started out working in a travel agency. She returned to college and in 1994 graduated with a B.S. degree as a Business Economist from the Fachhochschule Mainz (University of Applied Science). Her majors were communication and international business.

To gather international experience, Iris decided to move to the United States to accept a position at the German American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta and two years later with Nortel Networks. Not completely satisfied with her career choice, Iris discovered business coaching and realized quickly that her desires to serve others and her communication skills were a perfect match for this profession.

In 1998 she started a life and executive coaching program with CoachU, and two years later she started her own coaching business. In 2001, she graduated with a certification in life and executive coaching and 2003 she earned the certification as a “Coach Training Facilitator.”

Coming from a family of healthcare providers, Iris was drawn to healthcare and saw the need for coaching support for physicians who either were underperforming, burning out or dissatisfied with parts of their career. Over the years, she also started working more and more with physicians in leadership positions and healthcare executives who aren’t able to effectively engage and connect with the people they lead. Always being dedicated to her own personal growth and looking for improved tools and methodologies, Iris came across Judith E. Glaser’s body of work “Conversational Intelligence.” Combining leadership and communication with neuroscience was the perfect tool to convey to her health- and science-oriented clientele the importance of healthy conversation. In January 2016 she started the year-long training and certification program.

Her international experience and intercultural sensitivity combined with her communication skills and leadership presence provide a safe ground for healthcare leaders to address cultural and profound leadership challenges. She brings a variety of wisdom, knowledge, and practicality to her clients to open them up to new perspectives and ideas.

Iris Grimm in the lobby.

Besides coaching, Iris also offers training programs on topics such as stress control, emotional competence, personal leadership skills, and life balance. Over the years Iris participated in countless personal and professional development programs ranging from Emotional Competence, Higher Ground Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Landmark Education, and more.

Iris lives in Marietta, outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband of 20 years, their two dogs, and foster dogs. In her spare time, you will find Iris gardening, hiking, or training dogs. Dogs are my passion. When training them, one must exude confidence, be present, set limits, be clear about expectations, and reward good behavior. I am good at this. My dog training skills have also transferred to being able to work well with varied individuals, gain their trust and help them reach their performance goals.” On weekends you will find Iris conducting workshops for dog guardians to educate them on responsible dog ownership while raising money for rescue organizations.